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Over the last five years, the Battery Thermal Management Global Event Series has been regarded as the foremost communication network for Battery Electric Vehicle Engineers, Battery Technologists, and Thermal Management Experts. Battery Thermal Management Europe 2024, will be held in Stuttgart – Germany, on the 24th of April for a packed one-day meeting.

Take part in this industry must-attend event, where battery technologists from leading automotive OEMs and their key suppliers address the current challenges, pressing learning objectives, and breakthrough technologies shaping the future of vehicle electrification.

In 2023 Battery Thermal Management West Coast USA & xEV Advanced Battery Technology Innovation USA were the two most well-attended technical BEV conferences of the year – in 2023 over 350 Battery Engineers, 30 Expert Speakers and 40 pioneering exhibitors will come together in Stuttgart Germany, and we hope you can make it too.


Battery Thermal Management (BTM) is a critical aspect of electric vehicle (EV) design and operation ensuring that the battery operates within the optimal temperature range for performance, safety, and longevity. Some of the key challenges in BTM for electric vehicles include:

Battery Thermal Management EUROPE is focused on the Innovations in BTM for electric vehicles addressing these challenges and improving the performance & safety of EV batteries. This year we will be looking closely at:

Advanced cooling and heating techniques: Innovative cooling and heating techniques, such as liquid cooling, phase-change materials, and heat pipes, are being developed to efficiently manage battery temperature and dissipate heat during high-power operation or rapid charging. These techniques aim to improve thermal management efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

Predictive thermal management: Predictive thermal management systems use real-time data, including battery state of charge (SOC), temperature, and ambient conditions, to optimize thermal management strategies. These systems use advanced algorithms and sensors to predict the thermal behavior of the battery and adjust cooling or heating strategies in real-time, resulting in improved efficiency and performance.

Thermal modeling and simulation:Advanced thermal modeling and simulation tools are being used to design and optimize BTM systems. These tools enable engineers to simulate and analyze the thermal behavior of batteries in various operating conditions, helping in the design of efficient and effective BTM solutions.

Material advancements:Innovative materials, such as thermally conductive materials and phase-change materials, are being developed to improve heat dissipation and thermal uniformity in battery packs. These materials can be integrated into the battery pack or thermal management system to enhance thermal performance.

Integration with vehicle systems:Integrating BTM systems with other vehicle systems, such as the power electronics and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, allows for optimized energy management and better coordination between different vehicle systems. This integration can lead to improved thermal management efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

Active thermal management:Active thermal management systems, such as variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems and thermoelectric cooling, are being explored for BTM in EVs. These systems offer precise

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| Conference Topics

  • Extending Battery Life And Preventing Thermal Runaway
  • Next-Generation Thermal Management Solutions To Optimise Battery Safety & Performance
  • Evaluating The Different Thermal Management Technologies Deployed To Ensure Cells Operate Under The Optimal Temperature Conditions
  • Comparing The Relative Benefits Of Air & Liquid, Direct And Indirect Cooling In Terms Of Cost And efficiency
  • Meeting The Specific Thermal Management Challenges Of Ultra-Fast Charging And Increased Range
  • Minimizing The Risk Of Thermal Runaway Propagation In Different Battery Designs
  • How To Improve Thermal Efficiency, Enhance Lightweighting & Integration Capacity Of Components And Further Advance BMS Capacity
  • Thermal Conductive Adhesives For Next-Generation Cell-to-Pack Configurations
  • Engineering Single-Phases Immersion Cooling For Thermal Management Of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Optimal Design Of Thermal Management Systems – At The System Level
  • Disruptive Next-Generation Thermal Adhesive Solutions For Battery Applications
  • Temperature Counts: Increasing xEV Safety Comfort, Range And Performance With Sensors
  • Achieving Battery Safety With Advanced Thermal Management Solutions
  • Engineering The Thermal & Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs
  • Fast Charging & Thermoregulation: Battery Assessment By Means of A Multi-Scale Multi-Domain
  • Material For Complex Thermal Management Systems
  • Cell Monitoring With Electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy To Extend Battery Life And Prevent Thermal Runaway
  • Selecting The Right Material For Battery Thermal Management Evaluating The Potential Of Passive Thermal Management Solutions Such As Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and heat pipes (HPs)
  • Battery Design & Integration
  • Battery Management & Battery Intelligence
  • Faster Charging, Higher Efficiency, Longer Range
  • Immersion Cooling Technology For Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Innovations & Developments in EV Architecture For Performance Vehicles
  • High-Performance EV Powertrain Development & Battery Pack Design
  • Latest Methodologies In Battery Testing
  • High Precision Calorimetry And Measurement Of Heat Generation For EV Li-Ion Cells
  • Fast Charging Optimization Of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

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