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WeAutomotive Group delivers unique, high-value,content-lead technical agendas and networking forums for the Electric Vehicle Sector.

As industry leaders, our conferences are curated through longstanding relationships with the global OEM community and detailed consultation with leading material, solution, and technology providers alike, to address specific technical challenges and critical industry innovation. This level of detail is part of our pioneering approach to content and ensures that we attract only the highest level of attendees to our events.

Over the last five years, the Battery Thermal Management Global Event Series has been regarded as the foremost communication network for Battery Electric Vehicle Engineers, Battery Technologists, and Thermal Management Experts. Battery Thermal Management Europe 2023, will be held in Stuttgart – Germany, on the 15th of July for a packed one-day meeting.

Take part in this industry must-attend event, where battery technologists from leading automotive OEMs and their key suppliers address the current challenges, pressing learning objectives, and examine breakthrough technologies shaping the future of vehicle electrification.

In 2022 Battery Thermal Management West Coast USA & xEV Advanced Battery Technology Innovation USA were the two most well-attended technical BEV conferences of the year – in 2023 over 350 Battery Engineers, 30 Expert Speakers and 40 pioneering exhibitors will come together in Stuttgart Germany, and we hope you can make it too.

Palo Alto 2022

| Conference Topics

  • Extending Battery Life And Preventing Thermal Runaway
  • Next-Generation Thermal Management Solutions To Optimise Battery Safety & Performance
  • Evaluating The Different Thermal Management Technologies Deployed To Ensure Cells Operate Under The Optimal Temperature Conditions
  • Comparing The Relative Benefits Of Air & Liquid, Direct And Indirect Cooling In Terms Of Cost And efficiency
  • Meeting The Specific Thermal Management Challenges Of Ultra-Fast Charging And Increased Range
  • Minimizing The Risk Of Thermal Runaway Propagation In Different Battery Designs
  • How To Improve Thermal Efficiency, Enhance Lightweighting & Integration Capacity Of Components And Further Advance BMS Capacity
  • Thermal Conductive Adhesives For Next-Generation Cell-to-Pack Configurations
  • Engineering Single-Phases Immersion Cooling For Thermal Management Of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Optimal Design Of Thermal Management Systems – At The System Level
  • Disruptive Next-Generation Thermal Adhesive Solutions For Battery Applications
  • Temperature Counts: Increasing xEV Safety Comfort, Range And Performance With Sensors
  • Achieving Battery Safety With Advanced Thermal Management Solutions
  • Engineering The Thermal & Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs
  • Fast Charging & Thermoregulation: Battery Assessment By Means of A Multi-Scale Multi-Domain
  • Material For Complex Thermal Management Systems
  • Cell Monitoring With Electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy To Extend Battery Life And Prevent Thermal Runaway
  • Selecting The Right Material For Battery Thermal Management Evaluating The Potential Of Passive Thermal Management Solutions Such As Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and heat pipes (HPs)
  • Battery Design & Integration
  • Battery Management & Battery Intelligence
  • Faster Charging, Higher Efficiency, Longer Range
  • Immersion Cooling Technology For Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Innovations & Developments in EV Architecture For Performance Vehicles
  • High-Performance EV Powertrain Development & Battery Pack Design
  • Latest Methodologies In Battery Testing
  • High Precision Calorimetry And Measurement Of Heat Generation For EV Li-Ion Cells
  • Fast Charging Optimization Of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells


| Who Is Attending

BMW Group, CATL, DAF, LG, Daimler Truck, Samsung, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, INVECO Group, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz AG, Stellantis, Toyota, Volkwagen AG, Volvo, MAHLE, General Motors, FCA, Daimler AG, Lotus, Lilium,Volvo Group, Lucid Motors, Rivian, Renault Group, Fisker, Lordsdtown Motor, EDAG Group, Rimac Technology, Volvo Buses, Polestar, XPeng, AUDI AG, Porsche, Lion Smart, DENSO Europe, Genesis, Cascadian Motion, Alcraft Motor Company, Iveco spA, Volta Trucks, Webasto Group, EVBox, Connected Kerb, Shell, QuantumScape, American Battery Solutions, Clarios, Sono Motors, Tesla, NIO, Faraday Future, Rimac Automobili, Nikola, Proterra, Aptera, Aston Martin Lagonda, Bentely Motors, Karam Automotive, KIA, Lamborgini, Lexus, Mclaren, Penso, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Toyota, Smart, OPEL, Peugeot, FIAT, Mini, Nissan, Seat, DACIA, Mazda, Northvolt AB, Lithium Werks B.V. BMZ Group, Draxlmaier Group

| Past Attendees

Chief Engineer – Battery Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles, Chief Engineer, Electrified Propulsion System, Chief Engineer, Electrical System, Head, EV Engineering Systems, Head of Vehicle Electrification Technology, Head of Hybrid and EV Battery System, Chief Scientist, Energy and Systems, Head of Vehicle Architecture, Head of Systems and Control Engineering, Electrification Project Engineer, Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing, Group Product Director Hybrid and Electric Systems, Lead Engineer, Electrical Systems Engineering, Lead Engineer, Electrified Powertrain, Head of Body Structures / Body in White, Battery Electric Vehicle Global Lead Engineer, Global Battery Systems Engineering, Battery Research Engineer, Technical Manager – Innovation Management, Chief Engineer & Technical Leader – Energy Storage & Systems

| Exhibitor Categories

Battery Pack Technology Innovation

Advanced Materials

Monitoring & Control

Module Battery Cooling Systems

Advanced Material & Manufacturing Techniques

Battery Mounting Systems Innovation

Structural And Mechanical Innovation

Pack Assembly Technology Innovation


Thermal Management Innovation

Modular Cooling System Design

Battery Pack Insulation

Adhesives, Sealants And Bonding

Thermal Interface Materials

Simulation And Modelling

Coolant Flow Management

Coolant Temperature Control

Cooling System Monitoring

Advanced Thermal Monitoring

Power Electronics Innovation

Components And Materials Used In Power Electronics

Power Semiconductors



Power Transformers

High-Temperature Materials


Miniaturization & Multi-Functional Components

Modular Battery Management System

Integrated Circuits

Advanced Sensors

Wireless Communication

Flexible Architecture Solutions

New Battery Chemistry & Tech Innovation

Solid State Battery Integration

Solid State Thermal Optimization

Advanced Battery Cells

Cylindrical Cell Innovation

High-Efficient Power Electronics

Advanced Charging Technologies

Innovative Battery Pack Structures


Battery Pack Integration Innovations

Integrated Power Electronics

Combined Cooling And Structural Systems

Battery Pack Design

Modular Battery Management System


BMS Innovation

Integration With Vehicle System Innovation

Predictive Capabilities

Advanced Safety Monitoring Innovation

Costs-Effective Materials Including Printed Circuit innovation

| 2023 Coming Up

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